Author: GlassGuru

The Future of Electrochromic Technology

Somewhere in another universe hi tech aliens must have wondered why it took earthlings so long to arrive at a place in time where electrochromic technology grew to become an acceptable, desirable use of light. While aliens were already advancing to the levels of using light to transport individuals from one planet to a neighboring […]

Electrochromic Light Sensors and Controls

We all are fascinated by light and its many changes in a 24-hour period of time. We’ve learned the scientific reasons for sunlight, as well as the benefits to human existence. We’ve also learned to appreciate light and its gradual change to darkness as part of daily living so that our lifestyles adapt accordingly. It […]

Welcome to Electrochromic Products!

You’ve probably heard whispers of awe and amazement about the fast-rising phenomenon of electrochromic technology. This futuristic color-changing sorcery is appearing everywhere, but understanding how it works and how to get it can be a challenge. Here at Electrochromic Products, we have the answers you need, with the best guides out there on electrochromic technology and its uses.

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